Elsa 2018 – Pre clinic


I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am.

Elsa’s clinic last year was the foundation for everything I have done since. (Author’s note: shameless name dropping ahead)

Some of you may have been there last year, some may have read about Lawrence and I in Horsemanship Journal!

(I know right! We’re in a magazine 😱)

Anyway, freedom based training, in particular for me so far, has been instrumental in helping me:

– become a better leader: do more with less, be aware of my horse’s body language and take leadership when he asks

– reward my horse using intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation (more on this later)

– spend MUCH more time in the passive side of the leadership spectrum, over assertive or dominant leadership techniques

– cultivate patience, understanding and calm in my body and mind when I am with my horse; be less emotional, less easily frustrated, and more outwardly grateful and able to recognise every piece of effort my horse puts into my requests

Some pretty big ones, for me anyway, in that list. Studying with Elsa has changed my horsemanship completely, and I’m so excited to get the next pieces over this week and share them with you all!

The Elsa Sinclair clinic is run by Organised Equestrian, who you can find here: http://www.organisedequestrian.com

The clinic is held at Willow Fields, Pump Lane North, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 3RA. The first clinic is June 23-24, the second is June 25-28. So I will be here all week posted daily updates!

If you have any of these days spare it would be incredible to see you, this is going to be such a amazing week of horsemanship!

For now, peace out and pony love!


3 thoughts on “Elsa 2018 – Pre clinic”

  1. I think you definitely should sign the contract with some agency and do more modeling with Lawrence! 😀 Or be my model, why not! 😀 Great post, looking forward to reading more interesting notes here! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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